Replace Without Question

Just got back from a fabulous holiday in wintry Hokkaido. Will blog about it soon.

Meanwhile, another brilliant example of how service should be from Seth Godin. No questions asked and no serial number, receipt, warranty card or other forms of authentication needed. Just what we need here in "black and white" Singapore.

Laurie writes, "amazing customer service from le creuset, the french enamel on cast iron cookware people

i dropped something on a pot cover while it was in the sink and the knob shattered
i called ...

"give me your shipping address and we'll send the replacement knob for the pot cover"
no questions asked ... i've had that pot 10 years ... lifetime warranty really does mean lifetime warranty ...

while i had them on the phone, i mentioned that i had another pot of theirs that got a chip on the enamel on the inside, and i had been wondering about getting it fixed

no questions asked ...

"we don't repair, we replace; here's the address to send the pot and we will replace it, and here's your confirmation number ... just put it on the inside of the package"

that pot is at least 8 years old ...

and here i am telling you all about it"


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