Mystical and Magical Biennale

Went on a recent tour of 3 Singapore Biennale sites with a couple of board members - Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, Sri Krishnan Temple and City Hall. It was quite inspirational and magical. Here are some highlights.

Our intrepid guide Yishan explaining Tsai Charwei's work Lotus Mantra, which is inscribed on the lotus leaves.

Devotees thronging the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple.

N. S. Harsha's work Cosmic Orphans, a breathtaking piece on the roof of the Sri Krishnan Temple.

Yayoi Kusama's Ladder to Heaven, an intriguing piece which seems to extend to eternity.

At CityHall, Nuha Asad from the U.A.E. shows that we are all more similar than different in Multi Culturalism.

See I told you so!

Drik Picture Library Ltd., an activistic outfit from Bangladesh, documents social injustice in Belief, and practices: Justice for Noorjahan.

An interesting twist on what goes on behind the minds of judges at their seats. Whisky anyone?

In secret, interiors: chrysalis (19-22) installation artist Donna Ong shows dolls, deformed fetuses and herbal concoctions in glass jars filled with tubes. A statement on Singapore's low fertility rate perhaps?

YKON's work M8-Summit of Micronations, Singapore depicts how small, tiny red dots can have a ball of a time.

Innovation born of desperation? Julio Cesar Morales' work Undocumented Interventions captures the sordid reality of Mexican illegal immigrants to US.

Lights, cameras, evangelism! Jonathan Allen's Tommy Angel shows a gospel magician in action.

Next two pieces by Sheba Chhachhi from Ethiopia creates a cinematic labyrinth effect with light boxes and moving film. Truly light fantastique!

Birds flying in a red apocalyptic landscape. Mesmerising! Incidentally her works are called Winged Pilgrims: A Chronicle from Asia

Jane Alexander of South Africa's Verity, Faith and Justice juxtaposes animal and human features in a courtroom drama. Truth or dare anyone?

The Radiance of Faith trio being handcuffed and blindfolded for their trespasses.

Finally, Amanda Heng telling everybody why we should go on a holiday to see lost Singaporean artefacts overseas.

Another shot of Amanda's work Worthy Tour Co (S) Pte Ltd. I hear that response to this special holiday package hasn't exactly been overwhelming.