Equipping the Lion Dancer

Took half day this afternoon to spend some time resting plus bonding with the family. Brought Ethan down to Hong Lim Complex (near one of my favourite turtle soup hawkers) and bought him a set of his favourite lion dance gear, namely a set of authentic Chinese drums made with pigskin and a real (well almost) lion dance costume, complete with eyes that blink.
Ethan was stunned at first, or perhaps awestruck would be the more appropriate word. He gazed with mouth open and eyes wide at the interesting array of toys initially, and simply nodded his head vigorously when we asked him to select his favourite dancing animal. Later, he warmed up to the act and strutted down the toy shop, selecting party hats, bags and other merchandise for his upcoming birthday celebrations on 27 November. That's when Ethan will be 3 years in age.
He has certainly started working on his drumming skills - and this included inflicting his first "lion dance" induced injury on his little thumb. I just hope that he doesn't tear the lion head apart before his birthday, which is about 3 weeks away!