Stricken by Flu

Woke up today at 4.30 am with a blazing hot forehead and felt like I was floating in the air. The feeling is a little hallucinogenic, like I was on drugs or something. I even had a strange dream (or nightmare) with me checking into a "tough love" rehabilitation centre. Totally out of whack I tell you. Took 2 Anarex pills and managed to fall asleep thereafter.

Later in the morning, my wife kindly drove me to see Doctor Yeo at Killiney Family Clinic, our regular family doctor. Slept practically the entire day and still feeling weak with my elbows both aching like nobody's business. I hope that it is nothing too serious, because the last time I had a shoulder ache, it became Septic Arthritis and I was warded for a week at SGH. In fact, I was hospitalised twice in the last 3 years (the other was for appendicitis). Certainly no fun.

I hope that I can get better soon. Falling ill is no fun at all.