An Eclectic Celebration

Last Thursday was the media preview of Explore Singapore!, our latest foray into getting citizens and visitors alike to love heritage through museums, libraries, TV, blogs, books and other channels. What we hope to do is to get ordinary folks - like you and me - to delve, dig and dive into the extraordinary world of artefacts, artworks and archives.

Highlights include a heritage food race at Chinatown, Zouk/Lime magazine style flea market plus DJ Wayne at the Malay Heritage Centre, and a picnic and treasure hunt at the serene Yunnan Garden at the Chinese Heritage Centre (at NTU). Special mention must be made of the Heritage Road Show at the Central Library (Bugis), an amusing light-hearted spoof of the highly popular Antiques Roadshow on BBC.

Those with a funnny bone may want to rub shoulders with Hossan Leong, who will share the secrets of his mirth-appeal at workshops at the Asian Civilisations Museum. Of course, everybody will look forward to our huge closing party at the Eco Garden of Science Centre - aptly named Indie Garden - which will feature white hot acts like Electrico, Guerrilla Collective, POPTARTS, and the Great Spy Experiment. Plus the Science Centre will be open (FREE) from 6.30 pm onwards for those 16 and above. Now is that cool or what?

Explore Singapore! will also be on the goggle box. Famous funnyman Moses Lim and upcoming Elizabeth Naomi Tan will introduce the enchanting world of museums and libraries in a humorous, entertaining manner. Watch as they slowly uncover the mystery of Sarah's (Elizabeth) origin, and journey their way through 23 museums.

Personally, I am rather excited - though a tad nervy too - about Explore Singapore! For the first time, we are joining hands with our sister agencies NLB and MDA on a multi-platform experience-rich initiative to engage public attention in heritage. There is also an entire gamut of programmes involving an eclectic crew - from curators to sports heroes, artists to DJs, hip hop to Dikir Barat, Dim Sum Dollies to Chinatown food, Electrico to Moses Lim and so on. There will also be something for everybody depending on their tastes and inclinations.

Oh yes, we will also be doing podcasts, blogs and vlogs. There will be some interesting behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the celebrities, pre-production candid shots, and surfer/ viewer generated content. Do check out our blog for daily updates on what's happening.

In the words of the WWE, "Let's get ready to rumble!!"