Dancing with Lions

A fascinating thing about being a parent is watching your kid develop his own character, likes and dislikes. From the time he was a baby, I knew that my son Ethan is going to be a very different person from my wife and I. Both of us were very quiet and tend to be unassuming, "kuai" characters at school or at home. On the other hand, Ethan is quite a social butterfly.

Pushing three in November, Ethan has a strong curiousity for just about anything and everything, and is fairly extroverted, boisterous, friendly and loud. Yes you heard me right about the last point, even by toddler standards. Especially when he is singing his favourite "Happy Birthday To You" in a room full of people. While he can be quite a livewire at functions and parties, he is also quite an emotional and sensitive new age guy (SNAG) and easily burst into tears when he is being bullied.

One thing that Ethan likes very much is Lion Dance. Yesterday evening, we heard the clanging drums of a Chinese Lion Dance troupe playing downstairs at the coffeeshop near my house. Immediately, he asked us to bring him downstairs to watch. The grin and smile on his face as he watches the performance, as well as the energetic prancing from side to side and shaking of his head in emulation was quite a spectacle for my wife and I. Lion dancing is something he likes so much that we bought him a "mini" Lion, and he uses that to "practise" his dance steps to often humourous effect at home.