Blissful Weekend Interlude

OK, I realise that I am not exactly the kind of sentimental and emotional person, so this may come as a surprise to some. Usually, I prefer to take on a more dispassionate and professional demeanour, letting the work do the talking so to speak. However, I felt a certain stirring in my heart tonight to pen something down that is closer to the heart than the head.

I realise that there are few things more important in life than the ones that matter to you most. You can be the richest and most influential dude in the planet, but if your kids do not "hew" you and prefer to not to be seen with you, I think you have failed. You may have many friends from the far flung corners of the globe, but if your brother or sister does not bother about remembering your birthday with even just a greeting, then it may have all come to naught. Blood is thicker than water although of course, sometimes close friends can be closer than distant relatives (but I'll save that discourse for another day).

I often have to remind myself that life isn't just about material gain, ambition or economic success. There are more important things in life which neither money, power, nor even popularity can buy. Those are the things deep inside in your innermost being which some call your inner child - your principles, your bearing in life, your morals, your values and those who matter most to you.

This weekend has been especially memorable for me as I had spent it with the people that matter most to me - my wife, son, parents, brother, nieces, nephew, sis-in-law, in-laws kids (whom I see more than my own nieces and nephew). Spending this quality time made me realise that this is what life truly is about. Being with your loved ones, doing the stupid little things, and reminding each other why God made your lives inter-twine with each other in so many different ways.

I also had the luxury of spending a couple of silent minutes lying on the bed, staring into the ceiling and reminiscing about my childhood days.... Ahhhh, I must be getting old.

As the song goes... "Those were the days my friend, we wished they'd never end...."