On a Cold Morning...

"One misty moisty morning....Cloudy was the weather..."

That age-old children's rhyme rang through my head this morning as the weather turned nice, cool and breezy - maybe even a little chilly for some. Somehow the grey and drizzly view from my window prompted me to put pen to paper - or rather fingers to keyboard - and jot down some random thoughts at the break of dawn.

Somehow, this morning felt a little different from usual. Perhaps in my heart, I felt that I should not continue to procrastinate the need to write and be published - anywhere on any subject matter. Already done my usual run last evening, which I felt pretty pleased about having covered a longer distance than usual with a faster pace.

Popped into my son's bedroom, where he just very recently relocated to after 30 months in ours, and checked that his fever was still held in check. My wife had done the 1 am shift, you know, paracetamol, sponging, water, and was exhausted by the effort.

Let's see what topics would be best. Maybe on various strategies in marketing? Tips on copywriting? Advertising advice? Yes, those would probably be areas that would be more realistic to begin.