Tummy Trouble

I had a bout of gastric flu which started yesterday night. This ended up with having a sleepless night tossing and turning. My toddler-son Ethan was also sick with fever and poor wifey had to take care of him and give him paracetamol while trying to get some rest last night.

This morning, brought my son to see our regular doctor at Killiney Family and Wellness Clinic. Its quite amazing that despite having a fever, he is still so alert, chatty and cheeky, talking to everyone from the receptionist to the doctor at the clinic. Dr Yeo prescribed a series of medicines for both father and son. Thankfully, my mum agreed to take care of Ethan for the day so I was able to go back home for some much needed shut eye.

While being on MC isn't exactly a joy, it isn't such a bad thing either. Somehow, it forces you to slow down and take things easy. There are the simple things in life which you sometimes forget in the mad, hectic rat race of work, life and everything in between. By taking a break from work, you actually allow your mind, body and soul to rest, recuperate and recharge for the battles ahead. I think our bodies are also telling us that hey, we are working them far too hard and they need their 'downtime' too.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be back at work and slaving away in the daily grind. Sigh....