Singapore's Worst Toilet?

The runnies hit me again this morning. Hard. After sending my wife off to work at Depot Road, my entire gastro-intestinal system seem to be doing the twist, rock-and-roll, lambada and macarena - all at the same time. Crouching over in pain while trying to drive to the nearest loo, I spotted this canteen at the Industrial Park at Depot Road (Block 18) and decided to try my luck there.

After parking my car and straggling my way to the toilet, I discovered that both the cubicles were used. While trying to push open one of the doors which has no indication of whether it was locked or vacant, I was rudely answered by a strong push back which slammed the door. I then went outside, SMS-ing away to my wife to distract myself, while pacing nervously up and down like a father of the newborn.

When one of the users completed his business and flushed the toilet, I quickly squirreled into the cubicle. The first thing that hit me is that the toilet has no lock. No wonder it could be pushed open (and the need for the occupant to guard his privacy fiercely)! Turning around, I noticed that the toilet bowl has no seat. Great. You probably can guess the rest - no toilet paper, no hook (for pants), and a wet floor strewn with cigarette butts.

After hurriedly doing my B52 mission, I flushed the toilet (Thank God it works!), washed my hands and walked out briskly. As if to bade me farewell, a cockroach scuttled across my path. Thinking aloud, it probably is more comfortable at the loo than I was.

Maybe I should nominate the toilet for Singapore's worst toilet award?