Experiment Worked!

Ok, what happened was that my wife and I decided to stop giving our son medicine.

Well, this isn't as bad as it sounds like. He had a continuous bout of cough, flu, fever, and so on for the past couple of weeks and this led to many sleepless nights for both him and us. After bringing him to the doctor and giving him medicine for several weeks, we noticed that it somehow hadn't quite cured his early morning (like 3 am) coughing sessions.

The routine goes like this...

Toddler Ethan coughs and coughs. He then gets up and asks for milk.

Papa and mama gets up. Either one goes to make his favourite beverage at the kitchen and returns with the bottle.

Toddler Ethan drinks up the milk in his cot and settles back to sleep (or so we think).

After about 10 minutes or so, toddler Ethan starts coughing vigorously, and this invariably ends with him spewing out the milk (ala Merlion).

Papa and mama rouses from sleepy state, cleans up Ethan, changes bed sheet, changes Ethan, washes bed sheet and Ethan's clothes, and end up wide awake thereafter.

Ethan goes back to sleep in peaceful slumber.

To break this cycle (after all, we really had nothing to lose), I thought we should just do without his triple dosage of Promethazine, Bisolvon and Chloramine. Just to see if there will be any difference. We also decided to switch the air con back on instead of using the fan (an age old tale said that the dry air of the air con makes it more prone for kids to cough at night).

Contrary to popular belief, it works! Ethan coughed less last night and seem to sleep better without the medicines, which are supposed to be sleep inducing.

Any thoughts on this?