Cool Morning

A slight rain helped to make the morning comfortably cool and nice. This, coupled with adequate rest and sleep the night before, made the journey to work much more pleasant and enjoyable. It is surprising how the weather can dramatically influence one's mood and set the tempo for the day.

One of the chief reasons why I always try to holiday in a temperate destination as opposed to a tropical paradise is the weather. In hot and humid Singapore, you can't quite get respite from the sweltering heat, despite the air conditioned office and home. Somehow, when you step out, the heat wave hits you like a tonne of bricks. Either that, or it showers so hard that you can't walk anywhere without getting your shoes/ pants/ shirt wet, even with an umbrella over your head!

I remember with much gusto my recent holiday in Perth (yes, the oh so famous nirvana of Singaporeans in the Southern Hemisphere!). Amidst the cool and bracing air, miles and miles of picturesque greenery, tall calming trees, and balmy breezes, one's stresses and troubles tend to just melt away. I suppose the more relaxed pace of life there also affects one's mood, beyond the heavenly climate which makes it possible to embark on never tiring bush walks and expeditions.